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About Me - Rahul Nigam

Creativity, Photography & Riding  are some of passions I follow



I am Rahul Nigam. Born in Delhi-India,

At the heart of my (Rahul Nigam) passion is an unbridled love for fast bikes. A connoisseur of adrenaline, I revel in the roar of the engine, the wind rushing against me, and the sensation of cutting through the open road. From sleek sport bikes to powerful cruisers, each ride is a canvas on which I paint the exhilarating strokes of life's journey.


My choice of motorcycles isn't just about speed; it's an extension of my personality and creativity. The curves of the road mirror the curves of my artistic mind, and the constant pursuit of new horizons mirrors my unyielding passion for innovation.


I have a keen eye for detail, honed through years of creative direction, which translates seamlessly into my photography. Every click is a carefully composed frame that encapsulates the mood, emotion, and spirit of the moment. Through my lens, I transform ordinary scenes into extraordinary visual narratives.

Client's Column

Groom to be


Rahul is a great photographer with his original ideas and thoughts. He is completely dedicated and professional towards his work and makes sure to make a person comfortable in front of the camera for his best shots and capture. He made our memories for lifetime in our pre-wedding photoshoot. Thanks a ton Rahul... Stay blessed


Dristi Walia

There are no words to describe how brilliant photographer you are, you capture every moment. It was great working with you. Undoubtedly would recommend him to everyone

Bride's brother

Amit Trehan

Rahul's photography is astounding. His vision & dynamics add the 4th dimension to the whole profile. Cheers!

Mother to be

Shevon Robinson

Rahul work is outstanding. I wanted someone to capture my love for my husband and the baby which was on its way. Rahul took so much care of all the intricate details and the results showed in the photographs. "If you need someone who can capture the true spirit of the day then he's the one."


Mannish Gupta

Rahul is a wonderful photographer that we would not hesitate to recommend to any one. My would be wife and I were initially very worried about our wedding photos and how they's turn out as we are both not the most comfortable in front of the camera until we met Rahul. He made us so comfortable and was the most perfect photographer. He managed to capture the perfect amount of staged and candid photos, even included the funny ones that sum up our relationship perfectly. The only problem we have encountered was trying to choose our favourites, because there are just so many amazing shots. Thankyou so much Rahul! You captured our wedding perfectly.


Chayanika Moulik

Rahul has a truly blessed creative mind. An advertising professional, his photography journey was bound to be exceptional. He has a keen observant eye for all things beautiful. It comes out vividly in his portraits as well as natural photography. The colours, the compositions and the subjects come together to tell a beautiful story in the form of pictures.


Puneet Kumar

It was an absolute delight to have Rahul Nigam photograph our wedding. He made it so easy and fun. He really just fitted in as a couple of guests at the wedding, who just happened to have an amazing emotion of our incredible day. He really do go above and beyond to make your day that little bit more special - not to mention providing creative and innovative images of the day. We would highly recommend this wonderful photographer!

Client's Column
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